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Specializing in Infant Massage

by Tina Allen, LMT, CPMMT, CPMT, CIMT
Updated April 2016

There is a need for more practitioners specializing in infant massage therapy

Infant massage therapy has continued to gain increased international recognition, both due to the number of families practicing this safe intervention with their babies, and the growing body of research demonstrating the effectiveness of nurturing touch.

Many parents report that they feel more confident and relaxed after massaging their babies.  They also share how they feel more connected, and are better able to communicate with their child when massage is part of their day.  However, not all parents can find practitioners to safely teach them how to massage their babies.  There is a need for more practitioners specializing in infant massage therapy.  Numerous studies demonstrate the effectiveness of infant massage therapy when parents are taught by trained and certified infant massage teachers (CIMT).


Professional training and accredited certification

In order to specialize in infant massage as career, or part of your practice, you must seek professional training and accredited certification.  A certified infant massage teacher is an educator who teaches the art of infant massage to parents or caregivers in the presence of their babies. This training is open to those who care deeply about families and children. You do not need to be a massage therapist, or have any previous experience in the healthcare field to attend, train and become certified.

Certification qualifies the infant massage teacher to demonstrate knowledge, and skill, in guiding parents and families in the practical application of infant massage. Certified Infant Massage Teachers (CIMT) instruct parents & caregivers on how to massage their children in group and private classes. They do not massage babies.  Certified Infant Massage Teachers use baby dolls to practice and demonstrate strokes.

Do your research and choose training and education that will help you to achieve your goals and provide the best care for children

When researching infant massage teacher certification, it is imperative that you choose a course that offers comprehensive up-to-date course materials and supervised in-class practical experience.  Your infant massage teacher certification course should cover

  • The history & global use of infant massage as a parenting practice
  • Infant massage techniques and methodology
  • Massage Stroke Adaptations for infants with special healthcare needs, babies born prematurely, strokes for common childhood discomforts such as Colic, Gas, Constipation, Congestion and Teething
  • Recognizing Infant’s verbal and Non-verbal communication
  • Current infant massage research and how best to stay in touch with current research developments
  • Benefits for both infants and caregivers
  • Teaching and facilitating skills to become a successful infant massage teacher
  • Nurturing Touch for the Growing Child – massage does not just stop when a baby starts crawling
  • Adaptations for providing classes to families of all kinds, including cultural considerations for families from varied ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, extended families, stepfamilies, grandparents raising children, adoptive families, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) parents and teenage parents
  • Marketing Skills and techniques for setting up and marketing successful infant massage classes, including how to build a website, be found on the internet and use truly social networking to work for you.  Not just information on how to hang fliers in your neighborhood
  • Supervised Practical Experience

As in anything you consider pursuing professionally, when considering specializing in infant massage, do your research and choose training and education that will not only help you to achieve your goals, but also to practice safely and effectively for the healthy benefit of families.  It is with the best training that you provide the best care for children.


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Specially trained Certified Infant Massage Teachers (CIMTs)

Infant Massage Accredited CertificationThrough working as a Certified Infant Massage Teacher you have the special opportunity to impact an infant and their family for a lifetime.

This professional training is for those interested in working with families by becoming a Certified Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT®). A CIMT® is not only an instructor, but also an educator who teaches the art of infant massage to parents or caregivers in the presence of their babies.

For more information visit Comprehensive Infant Massage Teacher Training Course (CIMT)



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